Connecting Parents with Their Children, No Matter Where in the World They Are


Fuelled by the desire to help keep parents connected with their children when they are apart from one another, Sophia approached us to build an app to interface with their collection of internet connected toys. The app would contain a collection of traditional stories and songs, in both text and audio formats, along with the ability to create recordings that could be shared with the toy and other users.


With a collection of toys being manufactured by a company in China, the Sophia World app needed to be able to interface with their custom hardware, providing setup of WiFi and the ability to receive and record audio on the toy, regardless of distance between mobile device and toy.

For the initial launch, three markets were being targeted: United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. This required the app to be designed in a way that used minimal words, with the development implementing an automatic translation feature.

  • Sophia
  • Sophia World is both an internet connected toy and app, containing a collection of traditional stories and songs.
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    Entertainment and Communications
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    United Kingdom, Spain, Germany
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