Epsilon Telecommunications

Revolutionising a Global Networking Company's Business and Shaking up the Entire Industry


Eager to leap ahead of the networking industry, Epsilon Telecommunications approached us with the challenge to create an online portal where their customers could order and manage their network connections, cutting down port and service provisioning from 30 days to a matter of minutes.


In an industry that has seen very little change for decades, it was clear that something revolutionary was required to drag networking out of the past. If a customer wanted to order a port or service, they would need to fill out paper-based forms and then wait for around 30 days for the order to complete. This archaic procedure resulted in a large amount of resources being dedicated to the provisioning process, which could have otherwise been put to better use.

Epsilon wanted a way for their customers to be able to submit an order and be up and running within a few minutes - something that was unheard of in the industry. Sounds simple enough, but with each service provider having a completely different infrastructure, it was up to us to find a way to seamlessly integrate with each of their systems in a single, easy to use platform.

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  • Epsilon Telecommunications are a global networking company, providing services to companies in over 170 countries.
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Working closely with Epsilon we created an online portal, called Infiny, which streamlined the network provisioning process, as well as allowing customers to log in at any time to monitor service and ports statuses, preventing any potential downtime.

The Infiny portal completely revolutionised the way that Epsilon worked, and went on to win an award for "Best Cloud Innovation" within months of its release. It was clear that this was the future of cloud networking and Epsilon was already well ahead of the industry.

Infiny Mobile App

The launch of the Infiny platform proved to be very successful for Epsilon, so a smartphone app was the natural progression. The following year, Epsilon appointed us to create an app for both iOS and Android, allowing customers to keep track of their services and ports on the go, as well as order new services.